4 years. Countless design iterations. And one move halfway across the United States to be in close proximity to our carefully selected industry partners. We were as serious about the development of this product as the people that depend on it every day. We spared no expense and poured ourselves into every aspect of its creation.


The 60 year old design of the roller lock firearm has withstood the test of time. But it has not advanced with the demands and capabilities of today’s shooters and professionals. We knew the construction process of this firearm was its strength as well as its weakness. So we took the revolutionary leap of eliminating the limiting factors by discarding all our preconceived notions of historic construction. We opted to bring in modern manufacturing materials, techniques and technologies to eliminate the components we knew were holding this platform back.

  • Permanently installed rear sights.
  • Permanently affixed triple frame/front sight.
  • Limited stock and brace options.
  • Handguards designed for one specific use.
  • Proprietary optics mounting system.
  • Proprietary sling mounting system.


We knew what we wanted but didn’t bring our biases to the table. We engaged with competitive shooters, military personnel, service professionals and industry experts to establish our requirements. The challenge they gave us was enormous and one that we dove into with our full effort and passion.


We utilized every tool, professional, computer program and capability at our disposal (and then some). Our background is in tracking down hard-to-find people and information so when we hit a brick wall we expanded our network and got smarter. Doing so allowed us to advances and improvements we never imagined possible. It also allowed us to easily fix and progress long-standing deficiencies in the original design.


Concepts and ideas are terrific but worthless unless they are turned into reality. We moved our operation halfway across the United States to be close to our preferred professionals. They exhibit their professionalism in the thousands of firearms accessories they produce, their ISO 9001 certification and the hands on approach they take to every single part. We expect nothing but the best from our products and they deliver that same quality each and every time.