We Built M.O.R.E. For You…..and kept on going! We knew we had a winning solution when we exceeded all of our customers requirements and began offering capabilities they never anticipated they would have. Because we focus on innovation and evolution, we’re not done yet. In point of fact, we never will be. As long as there is a demand for a better product and greater reliability we’ll be pursuing it. 
The number of possible lengths, colors, configurations and load outs for the M.O.R.E. chassis was so overwhelming we had to build the worlds first Roller Lock Configurator(TM) to capture just a few of them. For the first time ever you get to design your roller lock from the ground up and see what it will look like before you submit your order. And because we built M.O.R.E. for you, that’s just the start of your ability to fine tune your firearm to your need. 

The foundation that started it all. No frills but more importantly no compromise. A rugged system with more standard capabilities than traditional roller lock models could be upgraded to.

The MOD UPR eliminates the long standing challenge of co-witnessing sights. The removable optics base and Picatinny mounting section put optics/sight configurability squarely in the hands of the end user.

The two point attachment system of the MOD LWR eliminates all play and guess work for lower handguards while offering endless future expansion possibilities for specific needs.

The Extended offers smooth, uninterrupted coverage for those who routinely utilize suppressors.

The Extended MOD UPR provides enhanced suppressor coverage in combination with a removable optics base.

Our flagship model offers more capability and configurability than has ever been experienced on a roller lock firearm. The quantity of possible configurations is mind boggling (trust us, we tried.)