REV-5 Pistol




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Our REV-5 is quite simply the perfect combination of a reliable pedigree and innovative evolution. The unquestionable excellence of the roller lock system after 60 years of worldwide use served as a rock solid foundation for us to base our advancements on. We knew we wanted more modularity and configurability, but how do you take such an iconic classic and make it better?


We started by not messing with success. All of our internals are identical to the original design with one very significant upgrade: Each of our internal components is the absolute finest American manufactured product currently available on the market. Period. Take a look at our components if you don’t believe us. Better yet would be taking it to the range and putting it through its paces. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Our true challenge was not modernizing a known success but building a revolutionary new capability from the ground up. We knew our creation had to advance the roller lock reliability while also meeting and then exceeding the demands of modern sportsmen and professionals. Our goal was to introduce an advancement that would take our firearms well past the next 60 years of service.

The result of that effort is the Modular Optics and accessories Rail Evolution (M.O.R.E.) chassis system. The roller lock world has never seen or even contemplated the modularity and user configurability we are now able to offer. We designed this system to be adaptable by the end user. No special mount, sight profile concerns or unique accessories needed. Just pick from any of the thousands of accessories and place them directly on your firearm.

Notable proprietary features of our chassis system:

  • 6 individual chassis designed to provide the maximum strength, modularity and capability for a wide range of user requirements.
  • Extruded from aerospace-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and precision CNC machined to meet our demanding specifications.
  • Modularity On Demand (MOD) system that features our newly invented rear optics base and lower handguards.
  • Removable rear optics base designed to support Picatinny, M-LOK and our Universal Mini Red Dot sight mount.
  • Increased inner handguard diameter to accommodate expanded accessory mounting and suppressor usage.
  • Highly effective return-to-zero and anti-rotation locking system standard on each chassis.
  • Individually inspected and quality controlled at each stage of the construction process.
  • Removable lower handguard system with both lock up points integral to the chassis.

We’re pretty proud of what we accomplished or we wouldn’t offer it to you. But we feel you deserve M.O.R.E. So rather than taking our word for it why not give it a spin? It is mind boggling to think of the possibilities so we suggest you utilize the Roller Lock Configurator™ found on our website to visualize what your custom build will look like. The benefit to that path is we’ll also keep you updated on the status of your build. You get exactly what you want and know when you’ll get it.

We know we broke from tradition and we don’t claim to build to German specifications. We just started there and pushed forward with our desired evolutions. When you’re ready to enjoy the most advanced roller lock the world has ever seen, you know where to find us.

  1. Removable lower hand guard (options available)
  2. Removable rear optics base (options available)
  3. 6061-T6 Aerospace quality extruded aluminum construction
  4. Full length accessory rail (options available)
  5. Precision CNC machined profile
  6. Return to zero capability
  7. Integrated cocking tube
  8. Chassis tension screws


Full Auto Bolt Group equipped with the most advanced features and ready for both semi-automatic fire and registered sear use. We only accept the highest degree of attention to detail and machining capability to manufacture each sub-component. The group is 100% US made and constructed of the finest and most durable material available.

  • F-Style enhanced steel bolt head with steel extractor, spring, roller set and F-style roller plate.
  • 100 degree locking piece constructed from ordnance grade steel.
  • Firing pin and spring.
  • F-Style Full Auto Bolt Carrier constructed of billet ordnance grade steel that is filled with tungsten and heat treated to guarantee performance and reliability.
  • Stainless steel recoil assembly designed to provide longevity for this wear item.


4140 ordnance grade steel that is machined to within .0005 tolerance to maintain our exacting standards. This consistency allows us to hand press each and every barrel to the correct headspace and ensure both longevity and the accuracy achieved from the free float effect.


Even the smallest improvement has a big impact. Our CNC machined 4140 steel plate is permanently affixed to the receiver and provides rock solid quick-detach capability for push button mounts.


Each barrel is precision machined and threaded. The combination 3-lug and 1/2 X 28 TPI attachment systems ensure consistent engagement and lock up of an expansive range of suppressors and other muzzle attachments.


Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) chrome molybdenum (CM) chamber fluted barrel finished through the nitride heat-treating process. Each barrel is hand pressed into the trunnion to ensure proper head spacing and provide guaranteed free float accuracy and dependability.


The receiver encompasses the heart of the roller lock system and therefore receives our greatest level of attention to detail during construction. Anything less would require us to compromise in the areas of fitment and function. And because that’s not an option, we take extreme care to ensure only the best receiver makes it past our quality control process.

  • Each receiver starts life as a stamped steel flat produced by the unquestioned industry leader.
  • Every receiver is hand rolled and quality controlled to ensure consistent production.
  • Custom designed and manufactured fixtures are utilized to guarantee a solid work surface.
  • That solid work surface is combined with our state-of-the art welding system for focused hand welding of each and every critical joint.
  • Our welders are the best in their profession. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

All Revolutionary Roller Locks products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee against defects in original materials and workmanship. If your Revolutionary Roller Locks product shows evidence of such defects, we will make every accommodation to fix, repair, or replace your product in the most expeditious manner possible. Revolutionary Roller Locks does not warranty our products for damage caused by the correct or incorrect installation of other manufacturer’s products.