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The Revolutionary Roller Locks MP5K ACR adapter is designed for mounting an ACR stock or brace on the HK MP5K series of firearms. Installation of the ACR stock dramatically improves user capability by providing a folding, height adjustable and length-of-pull adjustable alternative to traditional options. This setup is ideal for shooters and professionals who desire a positive cheek weld while using modern optics on their reliable platform.

This part is manufactured from Nylon using a process called Multi Jet Fusion or MJF. The parts are then dyed and shotpeened for a strength and finish that is comparable to injection molded nylon. The part is black throughout.

Installs the same as the factory backplate using existing hardware. Comes with Choate buffer already installed so you can get to the range.

*NOTE: This adapter will work on the HK SP5K and now requires no modification.

2 reviews for RRL MP5K ACR Stock Adapter

  1. SomeoneWhoCares (verified owner)

    Works great on my PTR 9KT. Fit and finish are excellent.

    • RevRollerLocks

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Taylor Habig (verified owner)

    I finally installed the adapter for the ACR from Revolutionary Rollerlocks and gave it a go. The fit is really solid- no wobble at all. I have to say… I *really* like it. I had the B&T short folding stock on it and my big issue with that setup was that it was a “chin weld” vs a proper cheek weld. The ACR stock aligns my eyes naturally with the dot when shouldered and has the added benefit of an adjustable LOP. I share this firearm with my 4’ 11” wife and when the cheek riser is placed in the higher position even she is able to get a comfortable sight picture and cheek weld. Highly recommend!

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