The heartbeat of the roller lock firearm is still strong and is only outpaced by the human desire to see it evolve. You demand the most of your gear because you depend on it. Each trip to the range, patrol or mission grows you as a person and evolves your gear preference. We believe the worlds most reliable firearm should be capable of evolving with your needs regardless of when it was designed. You know what you need far better than anyone else and our mission is to give you the options you deserve.

Custom Builds

Our lightweight and modular chassis system gives you MORE options than you ever thought possible. Instead of trying to determine what build best suits your needs we created the worlds first Roller Lock Configurator(TM). Design your roller lock from the ground up and we’ll keep you apprised as we turn your vision into reality. And when you have the worlds most advanced roller lock firearm in your hands, you’ll be able to configure it for each and every role you could possibly imagine.

Ready Inventory

We’ve learned from the professionals that love these firearms that there are certain “go-to” configurations they love. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices in the Configurator (or merely want to get to the range as quickly as possible) we have pre-configured and pre-built firearms available on our website. That doesn’t mean they’re any less modular. It just means they’re waiting for a good home.

Classic Service

We focus on supporting your progress as a shooter and a professional but that doesn’t mean we turn our back on history. We appreciate the classic lines of the old school roller locks and love building and servicing those models as well. We’re happy to construct anything you can imagine because we love to see that vision become reality. Feel free to check out our “Gunsmithing” area for a basic list of services. If you don’t see what you want please get in touch with us.