Our ability to offer unique customizations and capabilities doesn’t stop with our firearms. We broke the norm by working with industry leaders and innovators to offer wholesale opportunities, financing options and shipments direct from us to you. This allows us to control not only the quality of our firearms but also the pipeline to get them to your customer in a timely manner.

Manufacturer Direct

We don’t have distribution nodes, warehousing agreements or an inventory that we absolutely have to move. We start the build process when you order so you know exactly what you’re getting. And because we keep you In the loop during the build process you’ll know exactly when your order is on its way. That’s a handy bit of information to have when your customers ask.

Wholesale Opportunities

Our product offerings are as unique as our products themselves. No other manufacturer can provide the quality, quantity and customization of roller lock firearms that we deal in each and every day. No one knows your customers better than you, and we offer customization of your packages for every demographic.

Financing Options

Juggling inventory, projected sales and available cash with an ever changing demand signal are a thing of the past. Our partnership with innovators allows us to offer dealer financing so you can have product on the shelf and out the door before the bill comes due. We think that’s pretty cool.